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Baneva Ahsap has been operating in the wood construction sector since 1997 and continues to the present day. The wooden structure that he realized in the country and abroad has achieved many successes in the process. It has become one of the respected Wooden Buildings in a short time with its projects.

For people BANEVA Wooden Buildings, which produces projects with the aim of creating privileged happy life moments, has undertaken a mission that is environmentally friendly and gives importance to nature.

Baneva Wood, since 1997, based on customer satisfaction references, personalized With the difference of project opportunity, guaranteed product option, quality workmanship and wooden decoration support; wooden house, wooden villa, bungalow house, bungalow hotel, log house, triangle house, wooden restaurant – cafe, wooden hotel, chalet and "Natural Living Spaces" such as garden structures. In many cities of Turkey and abroad It has strengthened its place among the companies that make wooden houses by signing hundreds of projects.

Environmental and human friendly “Turnkey” Wooden Construction Projects
How to calculate the factors that determine the square meter prices of a wooden house and the cost of a wooden house?
The area size of the wooden house project, its quantity, workmanship, the type of tree to be used in the construction of the wooden house and the land are determined by collecting data such as conditions. Bungalow house models-prices, wooden restaurant You can contact us for projects-prices. Specially designed for businesses "Wooden Restaurant, Cafe, Wooden Hotel, School, Social Area, Office, Hobby Interior decoration design and garden arrangement in all of our Workshops and Bungalow Hotel Projects

Wooden house-villa models, wooden house construction phase, log house models and construction phase, bungalow house for our construction, bungalow house models, triangular house models and triangular house construction videos You can follow us on our @banevaahsapyapilar instagram account.

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